Separate Oil and State

Logos“Separation of Oil & State is a campaign to get oil money out of politics. Its important that we demand that our representatives stand up for the future of energy, not for the dinosaurs of the oil industry.”

Along with the post card for No War No Warming, I redesigned the Separate Oil and State (SOS) logo.

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War, Warming, and our Addiction to Oil

no War No Warming“The Iraq War and Global Warming have one clear thing in common: Oil. BIG OIL.

Burning oil and gas is responsible for more than a third of global greenhouse gas emissions; the military is the largest single consumer of petroleum in the USA – which is, in turn, the largest consumer of petroleum in the world.

The oil industry has systematically funded efforts to discredit legitimate climate science and obstruct international negotiations for more than a decade.”

Rainforest Heroes

Rainforest Heroes“Even if you live far away from a rainforest, you are still more dependent on that rainforest than you might think. Take a walk around your house and you’ll probably find many household items that are products of the rainforest. Look in your fridge and you might find bananas, mangoes, avocadoes, Brazil nuts, or spices like vanilla and cinnamon. These all come from the rainforests. Some of the medicines we use when we are sick and some fuel for cars can come from the rainforests.”

I had the pleasure last year of working with the illustrations of Vanessa Waring. Along with her writing and that of Levana Saxon of Rainforest Action Network (RAN), we designed a Kids Action Toolkit for RAN’s education outreach program. For more information please visit

Safe routes to schools

sr2sIt was not that long ago that children everywhere started their morning with an energizing walk to school. Today, only one in ten children have such a good start to their day. Driven to school in cars, many children’s first part of the day is gridlock traffic and a parent’s rush-hour stress, only to be dropped off in a sea of idling cars.

Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) Alameda County provides trainings, resources, and customized support at no cost; while working together with schools, parents, and the local community to give kids an active, healthy start to the school day.

SR2S is an effort coordinated by the Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TALC). TALC hired me to design the SR2S logo and printed materials.

End Oil Aid

End Oil Aid postcardI designed this postcard and logo to help End Oil Aid and get the word out at the recent US Social Forum in Atlanta.

Every year, billions of taxpayer dollars are given away to oil companies to subsidize their operations overseas. We need to fight our oil addiction and invest public dollars in new renewable energy resources. This is better for us, our planet, and it will help developing countries grow to meet their energy needs while contributing to fight against global warming.

End Oil Aid and promote a just transition away from oil dependence.